Challenge Island - Fort Island Camp™

Floss on over to our Fort Island Camp! You and your squad will ride your balloon bus into into an unforgettable computer-and-violence-free adventure inspired by the world’s most popular game. You’ll play and engineer your way through Fort Island hotspots like Perfect Park, Pirates Cove and our Power Potion Ball Arena. You’ll design your own skins, show off your favorite dance moves, and have a STEAMtastic time at this unforgettable Challenge Island camp!


1.  Please wear and bring sunscreen, bring baseball hat or cap to cover from the sun... we will be outdoors for the entire time of the camp.  

2.  Not feeling well?  I will be happy to reimburse you or enroll you in a different camp, as permitted by the City.  We want your child(ren) and everyone to have a great time!

3.  Wear running/walking shoes since we will build and work with materials that may drop on our little toes.  We will run barefoot (if the kiddos want and you're okay with it) when we're at the playground and put on our shoes when building.


Let's have a STEAMtastic time!  Thank you!

Fort Island Camp™

San Clemente Liberty Park

390 Calle Saluda
San Clemente, California 92673

Grade:  1 - 5
Age:  6 - 11

Mon, July 25, 2022
Fri, July 29, 2022
Time :
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Please read Safety Tips!

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