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Challenge Island is a STEAM enrichment program which teaches STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) fundamentals, cross-curricular topics (history, geography, pop culture) as well as teambuilding through fun, hands-on “challenges” in which students design and create using everyday materials.

For this field trip, students will be divided into two age groups.  The first age group will be 5 - 9 and the second age group will be 10 - 15.  

Younger children traveling with children registered for the challenges will not be able to be accommodated in the challenge rooms.  Any children in the challenge rooms must have a paid registration.  Parents are welcome to wait in the lunchroom with younger children until the program is complete.


Location address:  17530 Davenport #103  Dallas, TX 75252  Phone:  469-779-7844

Check-in is at 9:45. The first challenge will begin promptly at 10 and end at 12.  If parents and children would like to stay for a quick snack break after the program, we will be allowed to utilize the lunchroom until 12:30.  Those who would like to stay can bring a snack or sack lunch.

Challenges for ages 5 - 9

Zipline Zone: Students will design, build & test a zip line that transports a self-made device all while exploring Newton’s Laws. Will distance, height & weight make a difference? Budding engineers want to know!

Rockin’ Rollercoasters: Students will let their marbles fly in this amazing engineering challenge.  Space will be needed as students construct hills, curves and loops while exploring physics & velocity. Where will the marble travel? The possibilities are endless!

Challenges for ages 10 - 15

Star Mountain: Students will simulate the pull of gravity as they create swirling wormholes, drops, tunnels and chutes! What will their enclosed indoor ride look like?  Where will the marble end up? Future engineers will want to know!

Volcanoes, Eruptions & Disaster: Students will design and build houses that can survive lava damage by implementing sloping roofs & stilts. Then, students will construct an eruptive volcano.  Will the “lava” destroy what they build?  It’s going to be explosively fun to find out.

Cost per child: $15 for the first child.  $1 off for each additional child. (use coupon code:  63DD5CF44383D 

Challenge Island is displayed on the building and there is onsite parking.

FCS Homeschool Group Field Trip-Members only

Challenge Island Storefront

17630 Davenport Ste, 103
Dallas, Texas 75252

Age:  5 - 15


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