Challenge Island - Monsters and Myths Island© - Before School

Monsters and Myths Island©
Prepare to enter an enchanted island filled with mythological monsters, legendary creatures and things that go bump in the night. You and a STEAM Team®of friends will take on engineering challenges from Dracula to Dragons, from Bigfoot to Hydra, from Medusa to Monster Trucks to Egyptian Mummies! A STEAMtastic adventure that only Challenge Island could dream up, Monsters and Myths Island is so spectacular it will give you goosebumps!
About Challenge Island 
If you believe that excessive use of digital devices has stifled imagination, focus, problem solving and communication skills in children. If you are looking for opportunities that motivate your kids to think and solve problems, rather than simply react to digital prompts on a screen. And if you want your kids to feel the joy of communicating with their peers by looking at each other's faces rather than speaking in emojis; and the sense of accomplishment that comes from inventing new solutions to STEAM challenges, welcome to Challenge Island (CI).

Monsters and Myths Island© - Before School

Norman Rockwell Elementary

11125 162nd Ave NE,
Redmond, Washington 98052

Grade:  K - 5

Mon, October 2, 2023
Mon, December 4, 2023
Time :
8:10 am - 9:10 am


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