Challenge Island - Barnwell Elementary - SPRING 2024

Grades K-5


We will cover TWO of our bestselling themes this Spring!


Each child gets a FREE book from Challenge Island’s book series!


Fantastic Fiction: Once upon a time, there was a page-turning island that transformed beloved books into action-packed STEAM adventures. During this literary adventure, our STEAM Teams tackle engineering challenges inspired by their favorite novels: From pop culture page-turners (like STEAMwarts Academy) to classic reads (like Alice in Wonderland) to our very own Challenge Island book series.


Animal Island™: Calling all to this wild and adorable island adventure. You and STEAM Team of friends will engineer your way through the Animal Kingdom exploring life in diverse habitats - from oceans to rainforests to deserts to ice to the pets that live in our homes.  wildly exciting time awaits!



Each lesson:

  • is STEM-based with a hands-on engineering build, a chemical experiment, or other STEM challenge
  • incorporates social emotional learning (reflection, sharing, working in teams)
  • is cross-curricular with arts and/or social studies
  • is FUN, energetic and allows children to BE themselves


Start engineering your future today with this STEAMtastic Challenge Island adventure!


Barnwell Elementary - SPRING 2024

Barnwell Elementary

9425 Barnwell Road
johns creek, Georgia 30022

Grade:  K - 5

Thu, January 25, 2024
Thu, May 2, 2024
Time :
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

14 Lessons. No class on April 4.


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