Challenge Island - Book Your BIRTHDAY PARTY - For Child Or Adult - And You Choose the Theme!

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Book Your BIRTHDAY PARTY - For Child Or Adult - And You Choose the Theme!

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PARTY PACKAGES – For Child or Adult Birthday


We would love to help you celebrate your next birthday, Challenge Island style!  Our parties are typically 60-90 minutes, and we bring the fun right to you!  We will handle all the activities and you will be the rockstar for giving your kid the best birthday ever!  

Everyone goes crazy over Challenge Island Birthday Parties!  The owner, Renee Allen, will craft exciting STEAM challenges around any party theme the birthday child/adult dreams of.  The theme possibilities are as endless as their imagination!

Theme ideas could be, but are certainly not limited to: Space, Animals, Sports, Favorite Teams, Love of the Outdoors, Camping/Glamping, Harry Potter, Minions, Super Heroes/Villains, Pokemon, Music, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Disney/movies/characters, Fairies, Unicorns, Slime, American Girl, Girls & Dolls, Bugs/Creepy Crawlies, Tropical/Polynesian, CSI/Detective, Mission Impossible, Shark Tank, Any TV Show or Movie, Video Games, Minecraft, Mario, any ....and on and on and on.

Can't decide between two themes?  Tell us what they are.  We will create challenge options the birthday child/adult can choose from ...we could even create a crazy alternate universe birthday by combining the themes!   Whoa, no way!  Yes Way!  That's how we roll! 


Birthday Parties are $250 and Include:

~ The birthday child's choice of party theme  

~ We will craft 3 STEAM build options specially for the birthday child around the chosen theme which he/she can choose one from; or the parent chooses for a surprise party.

~ Party for 10 guests ~ which does not include the birthday child and his/her siblings Or for an adult birthday, does not include the adult’s immediate family living in the same household.  Additional guests at $10 each.  

~ 60 to 90 minutes of STEAM activities, includes all supplies and materials

~ Themed music to create the party atmosphere and get the creative thoughts flowing 

~ A Challenge Island Teacher who will facilitate the challenges and bring the excitement 

~ Party kickoff with STEAM chemical reaction balloons and Sing to the Birthday Child

~ Themed Invitations for all Guests - Electronic or Printed

~ STEAM Birthday Gift and Challenge Island T-Shirt for the birthday child/adult


Optional Add-Ons: 



$30 total for Add-On Slime Build AND a Slime Take Home Gift for Every Child. Multiple types of slime to choose from! 


Deluxe Ice Cream Sundae Bar with deluxe toppings from the much loved Dairy Lodge in Traverse City, which has ice cream, frozen yogurt (no sugar added), and dairy free options.  Available March through October. 

$65 for the basic Birthday Party package and includes enough for parents of children as well.  $4 per additional child over the basic package. 


Contact us today for more details about our parties and package options at or 231-633-4955.


**YOU CANNOT BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTIES THROUGH THIS REGISTRATION LINK.  TO BOOK: CONTACT RENEE ALLEN at the email or phone above so she can create exactly what you want.**