Challenge Island - Monsters and Myths Island @ Rochester - Long Meadow

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Monsters and Myths Island @ Rochester - Long Meadow

450 Allston Drive
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

In this special Challenge Island afterschool program, prepare to enter an enchanted island filled with mythological monsters, legendary creatures, and things that go bump in the night.  You and your friends will take on engineering challenges from Godzilla to Dragons to Medusa to Mummies and more!  This is a STEAMtastic adventure that only Challenge Island could dream up; it's a perfect class for smart & curious kids who enjoy STEAM and creating cool stuff, with just a little bit of scariness thrown in for good measure!


Challenge Island is an award-winning STEAM enrichment program where kids solve fun, hands-on “challenges” which teach them about STEAM fundamentals and crosscurricular topics, plus important success skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and much more.  Students work together in small "STEAM Teams" to solve our challenges, giving them an opportunity to grow their teamwork and social skills as well.  We look forward to seeing you on Challenge Island!