Challenge Island - Broadmoor United Methodist TNT Workshop

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Age:5 - 12

Broadmoor United Methodist TNT Workshop

3715 Youree Drive
Shreveport , Louisiana 71105

At Challenge Island®, we understand that true STEAM Education does not take place in a vacuum – rather, it should touch every corner of the curriculum. We believe that inspiring kids to be CURIOUS and INQUISITIVE, while gearing them with GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE and 21ST CENTURY SKILLS, prepares them to thrive in today’s complex, interconnected world. We are committed to helping students develop a GROWTH MINDSET and COURAGE to TAKE RISKS and MAKE MISTAKES. We infuse this core Mission into every CHALLENGE ISLAND EXPERIENCE. Each of our 100+ Project Based Learning Field Trips for K-8 Students uniquely intertwines PROJECT BASED LEARNiNG-BASED CHALLENGES with SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGiNEERiNG,ART and MATH with other core curricular disciplines including ELA, HISTORY, SOCIAL STUDIES, GEOGRAPHY, WORLD CULTURES, STEM CAREERS, SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNiNG and Much More!