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Sunday, October 13, 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Grade:4 - 5

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GS Junior Animal Habitat Badge PLUS Fun Patch Jaguar Claw Game Workshop

1231 Upas Street
San Diego, California 92103

Learn about African Safari animal habitat, build a working Safari Ride, learn about the penguins living in the Antarctic habitat and build penguin toboggans. Plus, learn about the creatures of the Amazon Rainforest and create a Jaguar Claw game. Enjoy these fun, hands-on STEAM challenges and earn your badge at the same time! (Troop Leaders need to order badge). This workshop includes all supplies, Challenge Island Fun Patch, and a certificate.



Payment of fee upon registration reserves your spot.


Location: Girl Scouts Balboa Campus (Florence Burnham Hall)


Note (1):  This is not a drop off event, adult supervision and safety Activity Checkpoint girl to adult ratios must be met. 

Note (2):  Please enter your TROOP NUMBER in the Troop # field. We'll do our best to group you with your troop members. 

Note (3):  Note (3): Please send your girl scout with a snack on the day of the event. As there might be participants who are allergic to nuts, please help us make our snack time NUT-FREE. 

Note (4):  If registration payment is not received at least 1 week before the event, your registration may be cancelled and the space given to another. 

Note (5):  Insufficient enrollment may result in cancellation of the workshop. Full refund will be give for such cancellation.