Challenge Island - Atlanta Summer camps

Slime camp , Mine camp for minecraft kids, and SteamWarts camp for fans of Harry Potter & magical adventures.

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June 10-14 Slimetopia: Slime Chefs on Deck! Grades 1-5

Prepare to stir up the most delicious-looking slime recipes on the Seven Seas! You and your STEAM Team have been chosen to be slime sous chefs on the S.S. Slimetopia cruise ship and it's up to you to "feed" the slime hungry passengers morning, noon and night! In this camp, you'll mix up Belgian Waffle Slime, Fast Food Hamburger Slime, Ice Cream Sundae Slime and Spectacular Sushi Slime Gust to name a few!). Slimetopia 3 is a steamy, squishy, squashy splash, so book your cruise cabin ooey, gooey fast! Although the slimes in this camp may look and smell yummy, they are for playing not for tasting!

Jun 24-28 Mine Island: Grades 1 - 5

Grab your pickaxe and dig into the most exciting summer camp on the block! We'll swap computers for creativity and mousepads for imagination as our STEAM Teams teleport into action-packed Mine Island hotspots. You’ll build shelters, create crafting tables and go mining for materials - and be sure to watch out for those pesky mobs! Bring your imagination for a mine-tastic time!

July 22-26 STEAMWARTS Academy of Wizards Spells and Potions: Grades 1 - 5

Welcome to STEAMwarts Academy of Wizards, Spells and Potions! You'll design your wand and wizarding gear and be sorted into your perfect STEAM house. You’ll take on a full load of wizarding classes from Transfiguration to Flying Broomsticks to Magical Beasts. You'll mix up spellbinding potions, cast enchanting spells and make your flying dragon. Camp will culminate with an enchanted graduation ceremony complete with butter beer and diplomas. STEAMwarts spots are sure to disappear like magic, so reserve yours today!

Atlanta Summer camps

Atlanta International School

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Mon, June 10, 2024
Fri, July 26, 2024
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